High-resolution real-time moose tracking


Before you go to the map page, some words about the application and the data:

You can choose to display movement paths for single moose (with some statistics) or all moose positions at once. In any case the data is at least 2 weeks old to avoid disturbance of the animals.

To show all positions  you have to be patient: Due to the enormous size of the database it takes some time to display all data (> 30 secs).

We tested the application with WinXP & Win 2000 , both with Internet Explorer 6. Pop-ups must be enabled for this site to function properly!

As we use JAVA you need a JAVA interpreter such as Microsoft VM. Usually it is already installed, but since February 2003 it is unfortunately not standard any more in new WinXP installations. Try to download in this case JAVA VM directly from SUN.

We continue to develop this application further - you will see improvements in the near future - so stay tuned!

But now -

  Moose in Västerbotten! 

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